About Ireland's Military Story

Welcome to Ireland’s Military Story – Ireland’s leading military history magazine. Designed and published in Ireland by Reveille Publications, the publications bring to life Ireland’s colourful and rich military past. The quarterly Ireland’s Military Story and the annual Ireland’s Military Story in Focus specialise in bringing our readers the human and personal side of military history. By interviewing Ireland’s military veterans and talking to family members about their military ancestors our readers are introduced to the men and women – Ireland’s unsung heroes - who served or were involved in the military /conflicts both at home and abroad.

Ireland’s Military Story

Ireland’s Military Story magazine is a glossy 72-page quarterly print and digital publication. The magazine originally started in November 2014, as Reveille – telling Irelands’ Military Story. The publication tells Ireland’s military story by interviewing and highlighting Ireland’s military veterans, profiling Ireland’s military heritage sites and traveling back in time with Ireland’s leading living history groups.

Each issue features eyewitness accounts from Ireland’s military veterans or stories from family descendants. These accounts take readers around the world where Ireland’s men and women have served throughout the centuries including: United Nations peacekeeping, the Gulf Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and the First and Second World War.

We have been very lucky to have eyewitness and family accounts from veterans and their families covering:

  • Irish in the Great War
  • Easter 1916
  • The Irish War of Independence and Civil War
  • The Free State Army
  • The Irish in the Emergency and World War II
  • The Irish in the Korean War and Vietnam War
  • The Irish Defence Forces
  • Peacekeeping in the Congo, Cyprus, Suez, and Lebanon
  • The Gulf Wars and the War in Afghanistan

The further we go back there are less and less veterans alive to recall their experiences. In these cases, we have to rely on the research of family members and historians. These family history articles are allowing us to share with reader’s photographs, letters, documents and memorabilia that in many cases have not been seen by anyone in decades. These accounts are an excellent resource for anyone researching their family’s military connections or a genealogy study.

Leading historians from at home abroad have profiled:
Ancient Ireland
Anglo Norman Ireland
Medieval Ireland
The Confederate, Cromwellian and Williamite Wars
The Irish in the American Revolution
Irish in the Napoleonic Wars
Irish in Crimea
Irish in the American Civil War
The Fenian invasion of Canada
The Irish in the Great War
Easter 1916
Uniforms and equipment of the Irish soldier
The Siege of Jadotville
Irish service with the United Nations

Regular articles showcase Ireland’s military heritage like never before, with readers being brought on a military trail that spans the globe and dates back to Cú Chulainn. Visits to heritage sites such as battlefields, museums, castles, and interpret centres can give an insight into where Ireland’s soldiers and ancient warriors fought, what equipment they used, what they wrote and what they looked like. The National Museum for example has remarkable collections and exhibits spanning the full length of Irish history the ancient and mythical Fianna to the 1916 Rebellion. John’s Castle in Limerick on the other hand is one of the few standing examples in Ireland of a medieval fortress. While walking around its walls you get to meet the various knights, soldiers and tradesmen that lived and worked there.

Bringing to life Ireland’s military past are the military historical sections and civilian vintage preservation groups who magnificently restore and bring back to life the very aircraft, weapons and vehicles that Ireland’s soldiers used or came up against over the centuries. Complementing the restoration projects, living history groups recreate and relive Ireland’s military past through living history displays and re-enactments. Allowing us behind the scenes these groups give us the opportunity to record their work in Ireland’s Military Story. It is not very often you get to meet an Irish Kern alongside an Irish man depicting an American GI during World War II. It is a fun way to explore our past opening history up to all ages.

Ireland’s Military Story in Focus - Easter 1916

Ireland’s Military Story in Focus is our annual 148-page special concentrating on a different aspect of Ireland’s military history. The first in this series will look at the events around the rebellion of Easter 1916. The Easter 1916 special features articles from some of Ireland’s leading historians covering all aspects of the rebellion. These articles include: the various contingents of the rebel forces (The Irish Republican Brotherhood; Irish Volunteers, Irish Citizen Army and Hibernian Rifles); the British Army, and other organisations such as the Royal Irish Constabulary. Dublin Fire Brigade and St. John Ambulance; the battle in Dublin and the rebellion that took place around the country (including Ashbourne, Laois, Louth, Galway, Enniscorthy and Cork), family histories.

This commemorative edition has been cited by historians around the country as the guide to the events that took place in Ireland 100 years ago. Covering all aspects of the rebellion in easy to read glossy articles this 148-page edition is a perfect resource for the general reader, history students, teachers and lecturers.

We are currently working on the next instalment titled: The Irish in the American Civil War.