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Coinciding with the centenaries pf the Battles of Jutland and the Somme, this issue has several articles dedicated to the Irishmen who served and fell in those battles.

To get an understanding of the magnitude and horrors of those two battles we visited the Somme Museum and HMS Caroline in Belfast. The Somme Museum, ran by the Somme Association, tells the stories of the 36tt (Ulster), and the 10th and 16th (Irish) Divisions. Combining personal stories along with a trench system the visitor gets to read and hear the sounds of the Somme in July and September 1916.

HMS Caroline is the last remaining survivor of the Battle of Jutland. Moored in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, this Light Cruiser is now a magnificently restored Royal Navy museum. A visit to this veteran of World War I will give you a unique and first hand understanding of live at sea during the Great War.

Complementing these articles are features on Thomas Kettle, Robert Quigg VC, and the Irish Great War Society. Kettle of course is a famous poet and visionary, Robert Quigg was from Bushmills, his heroic deeds on the Somme won him a Victoria Cross. Both joined up to defend Ireland and endured the horrors of the trenches, Kettle giving his life. Researching, commemorating and educating on the Irish involvement in that conflict are the living historians of the Irish Great War Society. They have gone as far as recreating a trench system and explore how Irishmen endured such conditions.

In this issue you will also find features on Trooper Pat Mullins, the Battle of Aughrim, the Battles of Arklow, an interview with RAF World War II veteran Brother Columbanus, and Keith Donnelly gives a wonderful account of the military involvement in his wider family.

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