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August and September 2017 marked the 75th anniversary of Blackwater Exercise by the Irish Defence Forces in 1942. The numbers in service during the Emergency years where unprecedented. Numbers reached some 40,000 regulars and some 100,000 reserves by 1942/43. The organisation was so large that it could field two full divisions. For the men involved and the local population it must have been incredible to take part in or witness such a large number of soldiers on the move.

For the most part, the personal stories of the of this wartime force have been lost to time. Thankfully the film crews of General Hugo MacNeill and the personal camera of Richard Hanley, captured the dramatic scenes of the time and the faces of the Irish Defence Forces during the Emergency.   

We have been very lucky and privileged to meet and interview such Emergency veterans as Lieutenant Colonel Ned Cusack (Retd). It would be great to record more stories from this period in Irish military history. If you are or know of an Emergency veteran who served the Irish Army, Air Corps, Marine Service, Local Defence Force, Construction Corps, Coastwatching Service, or the Local Security Force, please get in touch.

Ireland’s Military Story prides itself on recording veterans’ stories and supporting veterans organisations. To help promote the veterans organisations we will be placing the logo of a veterans organisation on our front cover. If your veterans organisation would like your crest to appear on our front cover please contact us. The logo on this issue’s front cover is the Organisation of National Ex-Servicemen and Women. This organisations primary function is to ensure the welfare of ex-service personnel by way of providing accommodation to homeless, elderly or disabled members in need of such domestic accommodation and shelter and other assistance that may be required.

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