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This 72 page issue is dedicated to the events around Ester 1916. In order to reach an international audience we are going through a brand makeover. We will now be known as Ireland’s Military Story. Our aim remains the same; to tell Ireland’s entire military story in a non-biased manner.

To mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising we have dedicated an entire issue to the events of that week. These were complex times. We wanted to bring you stories about Irish men and women who were involved not just with the Irish Volunteers or Irish Citizen Army, but also who served with the British Army, Dublin Fire Brigade and St. John Ambulance. By visiting exhibitions in the National Museum, Collins Barracks, County Museum Dundalk, and the National Library of Ireland, we have been able to give to you an insight into the time through photographs, uniforms, weapons, letters and artefacts.

Our lead article is Proclaiming A Republic – The 1916 Rising. This exhibition in the National Museum, Collins Barracks, is your first step in finding out what happened during Easter Week 1916. Seen by the public for the first time is a letter written by Charles Dickinson 1st Battalion Irish Association of Volunteer Training Corps. This eyewitness account is a remarkable story. Rhona Murray looks at her families (the Pooles) participation in the Rising with the Irish Citizen Army, while Maureen O’Neill explains how she researched her grandfather Joseph O’Neill who fought with the Irish Volunteers at Marrowbone Lane. Giving an insight into the individual battles that were fought, Anthony Kinsella writes about two Irish officers from the Royal Irish who were killed at South Dublin Union. Amongst the hail of bullets members of the emergency services risked their lives to give aid. An Account by Corporal Patrick Cassidy, St. John Ambulance, written in 1966, tells how he risked his live to give assistance.

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