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Our Spring issue looks at the Irish who served in Vietnam from 1962 - 1973. Declan Hughes from Irish Veterans, began researching the Irish who were killed during this conflict in the late 1990’s. How many Irish born served, or were killed is unknown. As tens of thousands of Irish people emigrated to countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States throughout the mid-20th century, the figure for those who enlisted or were drafted surely reaches into the thousands. How many then were deployed to Vietnam will probably be never known. In an interview, Declan highlights the known Irish who were killed, while veterans Michael Coyne (U.S. Army) and Michael Noone (U.S. Air Force) tell their stories. Complementing these stories, Commander Ron Howko, gives us an insight into the American Legion here in Ireland, and our Quartermaster’s store features the Bell UH-1H Huey helicopter.

Also, featured in this issue is the remarkable story Rob MacMillan, Royal Navy retired. During World War II, Rob and his mother spent the war interned in a Japanese camp on the Philippines. His father was then an officer in the Royal Artillery serving at Hong Kong. Rather than surrender, Rob’s father, along with several other British and Chinese personnel escape to friendly territory. Their journey is the type of legend movies are made of.   

This issue also features part 2 of Emergency Over Irish Skies, in which AP (Tony) Kearns looks at Ireland’s Air Defence Command. Ned Cusack continues his story of service in the Irish Army during the Emergency in On A War Footing.

Our heritage trail looks at the guns of Spike Island and the hidden treasures of Bishops Palace, Waterford.  Fortress Mitchell on Spike Island guarded Cork Harbour for over two centuries. Today, after massive restoration, is open to the public, along with its impressive artillery collection.

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