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With the centenary of the Great War the shire magnitude of the Irish involvement in that war are now coming to the fore. Mal Murray of the Gallipoli Association writes about the Dublin and Muster Fusiliers during the Gallipoli campaign in the spring and summer of 1915. Irish soldiers served not just in the British Armed Forces but also in the Australian New Zealand Army Corps and the French Expeditionary Force. This bloody campaign against the Turkish Empire turned Gallipoli into an Irish graveyard.

When we think of veterans we tend to think of those who served in the army, navy or airforce. The role of the Merchant Navy during wartime is sometimes forgotten. Colman Shaughnessy of the Radio Officers Association interviewed Galway veteran John O’Sullivan. During the Second World War, John was a Radio Officer with the British Merchant Navy. Sailing the Atlantic and Pacific convoy routes John gives a firsthand account of life at sea under constant threat of U-boat and Luftwaffe attack.

In our Local History section, Fingal County Archivist, Colm McQuinn, tells the story of the Hely-Hutchinson brothers. With never seen before photographs and letters, Colm takes our readers through the military careers before and during the First World War. Remarkably both survive.

This issue also profiles the Irish Air Corps’ de Havilland Chipmunk, the life of Général Joseph Amable Humbert, James Stephens Military Barracks Museum, and the opening of a new Chapter for the Irish Veterans in Kinsale Co. Cork after Irish American Navy SEAL , Lieutenant Michael Murphy.

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