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One hundred years ago on June 7th, 1917, the 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) advanced side by side to take the village of Wytschaete, during the Battle of Messines. Author and historian Tom Burke, gives an account of this battle and the role played by the two divisions from Ireland.

This features part 2 of Vietnam veteran, Michael Coyne’s story of his time with 11th Armored ‘Blackhorse’ Cavalry Regiment during that conflict. Michael gives an account of his unit’s role during the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive. Michael was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor for his brave action to rescue wounded comrades.

Also in this issue, we spoke to Co. Louth born Brian Duffy, National Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars about the role of the oldest veterans organisation in the United States and his term as National Commander.
In ‘My Grandfather’s War - William ‘Bill’ Egan, RAMC, Patricia Harty (Editor-in-Chief Irish America Magazine), gives a remarkable account of her grandfather. Her research took her from Bill’s hometown of Dungarvan in Co. Wexford, to Gallipoli, the Somme and Jamaica.

On our heritage trail, we visit Athlone Castle Visitor Centre and Kinnitty Castle Hotel. Situated in the heart of Ireland both sites are part of Ireland’s Ancient East. The walls of both these castles hold the history of Irish chieftains, Norman attack, and tales of Lords and gentry.

This issue also features part 3 of Emergency Over Irish Skies, in which AP (Tony) Kearns looks at Bombing Incidents in Ireland during that period, while Ned Cusack gives us his final instalment of service in the Irish Army during the Emergency in On A War Footing.

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