Even the toughest soldiers break Interview with Royal Irish Regiment veteran Trevor Coult MC

The recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have been synonymous with civilian clad insurgencies and indiscriminate Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). These conflicts have resulted in high casualties for those involved. Soldiers deployed to these regions have seen friends, comrades and civilians killed and maimed. As well as the physical injuries incurred soldiers returning home have to learn to deal with the invisible scars and trauma of war; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Trevor Coult served with the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment from 1994-2015. To help him deal with PTSD he wrote ‘First Into Sangin’ the story of his experiences during Operation Herrick IV, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2006.

An Eyewitness Account

Charles Dickinson, 1st Battalion Irish Association of Volunteer Training Corps

This letter was kindly sent into us by Andrew Bowers. The letter was found after his mother’s 2nd cousin Evelyn ‘Babs’ Matthews was moved into a nursing home back in the 1980’s. Babs, who was born in 1900, had lived at her house on Leinster Road in Rathmines, Co. Dublin, all her life. When Andrew’s mother was cleaning out the house she came across the letter along with a mess tin, postcards and other artefacts.

Irish Peacekeepers on the Offensive

An interview with Congo Veteran CQMS Jimmy Clarke (Retd)