Ireland’s Military Story in Focus – Easter 1916

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Welcome to our special edition marking the centenary of the Easter Rebellion 1916. There is no doubt that this was a complex time in Ireland. Ideas such as nationalism, unionism, republicanism, socialism, home rule or a republic, women and labour rights were highly debated and spoken of. In parallel to the home front tens of thousands of Irish men and women were serving, primarily in the British Army, in the battlefields, hospitals and factories of the First World War.

The rebellion that took place in Ireland during Easter Week 1916 effected many parts of the country. Caught up in this insurrection were Irish men and women on both sides. These included the various rebel organisations including the; Irish Republican Brotherhood, Irish Volunteers, Cumann na mBan, Hibernian Rifles and the Irish Citizen Army, but also those in the; National Volunteers, British Army, Dublin Metropolitan Police, and the Royal Irish Constabulary. As the Rebel Army rose up proclaiming an Irish Republic the crown forces responded resulting in armed engagements between both sides. Taking no side and giving assistance and aid when they could were the members of the St. John Ambulance and Dublin Fire Department, their story gives another aspect to the rebellion that has all but been forgotten.

To help give an insight into these ideologies and the events that took place around the county we asked some of Ireland’s leading historians to contribute to this commemorative edition. Their knowledge and expertise on the various ideologies, engagements, family stories and organisations will give you a broad look at Easter Week 1916 and the lasting effect it had on families, communities and the country.

This commemorative edition is your guide to the events that took place in Ireland 100 years ago. Covering all aspects of the rebellion in easy to read glossy articles this 144 page edition is a perfect resource for the general reader, history students, teachers and lecturers alike.

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